Trick or Treat: Healthy Halloween Survival Guide

should-i-eat-the-halloween-candy-should-i-avoid-itSomething I am asked all the time is I’m not sure if I can avoid the temptation of eating the Halloween Candy, so should I eat it or should I avoid it? 

Well it really just depends on you and your goals and struggles. 

I’m all about moderating and enjoying yourself to live a happy, healthy and balanced life, but I know that is not always easy for everyone.

So here are my thoughts on if you should eat it or not.


  • You want to enjoy it. It is okay to have a sweet treat every once in a while. Now don’t overdo it and eat the entire package, but pick your favorite piece or a few of your favorite pieces and enjoy them.
  • You DON’T believe in restriction and diets. I DON’T believe in them and think everything should be enjoyed in moderation.


  • You have a major sweet tooth and have “restricted” yourself from eating sweets. Because what could happen is you eating that one piece of candy can lead to another and another and another and the next thing you know you will have eaten the entire bag or basket.
  • You have had a long stressful day. Let’s be real, is the candy really going to solve your problems and make you stress free? Probably not, but what it might lead to is more stress and guilt, which you do NOT want.

Now don’t get me wrong I said it earlier and I will say this over and over I’m all about moderation and there is nothing wrong with treating yourself with a yummy treat every now and then. But Halloween is the first of the many holidays to come where temptation is lurking and can keep you from living that healthy balanced lifestyle you want. 

Here are a few of my tips to help you survive the Influx of Treats & Temptation:






Don’t buy your candy until the day before or day of. If you buy your candy ahead of time, the chances of you sneaking into the stash are a lot higher than getting it right before the big event. If you get the “crappy” candy, who cares, you will be less likely to keep it.

Come to the Dark Side of chocolate that is. Dark chocolate is better for you than milk chocolate. If you buy quality dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, then it is actually quite nutritious.

Choose 1 or 2 of your favorite pieces. Allow yourself to have 1 or 2 of your favorite “fun size” pieces to indulge in and then the donate or toss the rest.

Make your own favorite treats. You can cut a lot of those yucky ingredients if you just make them at home. You can make your own peanut butter cups, or any chocolate treat that you just can’t seem to get enough of.

Allow a trade deal & donate the candy (this is great if you have kiddos). Have your little ones (or you if you have collected a good stash) trade in all their candy for their favorite book/toy or outing as a family. 

Never allow food to be a reward. You feel the need to reward yourself and the candy is sitting there in your pantry. Should you eat a piece of candy because you did so great? NO! DO NOT allow food to be a reward because it only justifies having it when you want.

Don’t use sweets as a stress reliever. Something that helps us “escape reality” or a stressful day/situation can be giving into a temptation and many times sweets are temptation. A way to help overcome this is ask yourself, will this treat solve my problem? There are many of other things that can be very beneficial for us and our waistlines that will help us deal with a stressful day. 

Now if you over do it and have a few too many treats DON’T beat yourself up over it, you just need to move forward. Remember Halloween is the first challenge, we then come up to the days of more treats and feasting is involved. If you are finding that Halloween was a struggle and need added support and accountability, I’m here to help you to be Healthy through the Holidays, guilt free.

Join us to begin living your healthiest, happiest life without the guilt.

Share these tips with a fellow girlfriend that is afraid of all the candy to come into their presence.


My Fit family is going from two to four – We are expecting TWINS!!


Twin Pregnancy Announcement

Starting a family of my own is something I’ve always dreamed of and when I got married 2 years ago I knew that the chances of that happening were a lot closer than I expected, however we did not expect to start our growing family with two little ones.

It’s all been such a BIG stir of emotions from the moment I realized I was pregnant, to sharing the news with my husband, then our parents and then the rest of the world.  

I have to say God really has a sense of humor and when you think you cannot handle anything else coming your way He says, hey let’s make this fun and give you two not one. All jokes aside I am so excited for this new journey we are about to embark on.  

So as most of you may or may not know, I am a fitness instructor and a certified nutrition coach and I help women all around become confident and healthy.  And I am hoping to keep up with my routine for as long as possible, however I’m slowly learning that what I have planned for myself no longer goes, even in the womb these little munchkins are dictating most of my daily schedule.

As I am writing this blog I am already into my 2nd trimester, so I’ve experienced a lot and am already learning a lot and I look forward to sharing all this with each and every one of you.  From my current readers to my new readers to know that pregnancy is not going to be my excuse, it will be the reason I continue to stick to a routine to stay as healthy as possible. Because we all know that I will need to have as much energy as possible to keep up with two babies all day long.

So every week I am updating my followers and sharing health and pregnancy tips on my Facebook and Instagram and would love to have you follow me there for more day-to-day updates, tips, tricks and hacks on how to have a healthy pregnancy, how to balance work and pregnancy and just the daily struggles of having twins in my belly.

Mommas-to-be or any ladies that are trying to get pregnant if there are any topics you would like to see or hear more about, let me know I would love to share my knowledge with health and fitness with you.


My two little munchkins – their first photo!





My top 6 tips to stay healthy while traveling

Staying healthy while traveling… is that such a thing?

2016-01-01 13.24.47Traveling is so much fun, however I know one of the things I hear about traveling and being healthy is they don’t mix, or so we think. Traveling can already take a toll on your body from long waits in the airport, time zone changes, hotel food and their lack of nutritious options (or maybe you just have your blinders on so you never see the healthier options), to tiny hotel gyms or lack there of.

There are tons of things that can allow you to make excuses to keep you from staying on top of your fitness routine and nutrition plan. And of course if you aren’t traveling very often or this is a once a year thing, it is ok to take a break from routine and splurge a little, however I cannot promise there won’t be consequences to pay when you get back to your regular routine.

Here are my top 6 tips for staying healthy while traveling:

2016-05-26 15.41.10

BYO-SNACKS! I don’t know about you but something about being in an airplane or long car ride just makes me want to eat more. So in order to make sure I don’t overdo it on convenient store treats and fast food I pack my own healthy snacks. I bring nuts, healthy protein bars (usually oatmega because they are so yummy), fruit, veggies, and beef/turkey jerky. Depending on mode of transportation, but I have made my own sandwiches and brought yogurt as a desert. 

Keep water handy! Exploring a new city can be exhausting and if you’re out and about walking around you will get thirsty. So make sure you stay hydrated. The same goes for while traveling, bring water in your car and most airports have an auto fill water station, so bring an empty water bottle and fill it up once you’ve made it into the terminal. Set a goal for how many times you will refill your water bottle. Staying hydrated will help you avoid grabbing higher calorie beverages.

2015-11-09 18.35.41Explore the area on your feet! When traveling you get to explore other city’s, do you really want to do it from the inside of a cab? Get to moving and walk around the area, walk to the shops, restaurants and just to explore around. Anytime you see stairs take them. Keep yourself moving at all times, this will help avoid huge weight gain after enjoying some new fun restaurants.

Commit to at least 1 healthy meal daily! I know part of the fun of traveling is visiting the cities restaurants and trying out new foods, however if you are going to be there for multiple days you will have plenty of time to try indulge.  Plus all that eating out and eating the not so healthiest meals can be hard on the body and you will feel the effects once you get back from your travel. So commit to 1 healthy meal, I recommend starting off your breakfast with some protein and healthy carbs possibly a veggie egg omelet and fruit, but if that is not your thing, find something healthy and that will work for you.

Listen to your body! We tend to overindulge when we travel, I’m not sure if it is because we are in a different city, time zone or just feel like we deserve to indulge. However listen to your body, it will let you know what is going on. For all my clients I tell them to eat slow and to eat until 80% full. While your out in a new place, you should enjoy the ambiance, the company and food. Don’t rush through it like military boys in mess hall.  Slow down and listen to your hunger cues, eat when your hungry and stop when your 80% full, trust me you will appreciate this one more than you think.

Pack your workout clothes! Exercising while traveling is not hard, but I know 2015-11-21 12.29.10it isn’t something you always want to do. Bring your workout clothes with you. Once you get to your hotel, check out the gym to see if it is adequate enough for you to do a good 30 minute workout. If not you can take it outdoors, go for a run around the block or even the parking lot. IF you’re like me, you like to have access to stream some of the latest and greatest workouts. I use BOD and love bringing my laptop into the gym and knocking out a good workout without having to use their equipment (especially if they don’t have much to use).

Traveling is a lot of fun, but it can take a toll on your body.  And if many of you are on a healthy journey or trying to be healthy, traveling can easily derail you from your goals. Hopefully these tips can help you stay on track and allow you to enjoy your trip/vacation and not get completely off track.

Turkey Goat Cheese & Avocado Rolls

Turkey Goat Cheese & Avocado Rolls
Quick easy and nutritious
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  1. 2 slices (1 oz.) low sodium, nitrite-free, lean turkey breast
  2. 1 Tbsp (1/2 oz.) soft goat cheese.
  3. 1/2 tsp. raw walnuts
  4. 2 thin slices of avocado
  1. Spread/sprinkle the goat cheese on turkey slices. Top with walnuts and sliced avocado.
  2. Roll up and enjoy!!
Leah Bahrencu Wellness