Online Bootcamps

It’s time to make YOU a priority!

Do you find it hard to stay consistent with health & fitness, to keep yourself accountable, to figure out the time to get your workout in, and/or to know where to begin and what exercises are best to get you results? If you’re anything like me you answered YES to at least one if not all of these. I know how frustrating all those can be and how they can keep you from making your health & fitness a priority. I know what it feels like to put yourself last & to put your personal wants to the side. I also know how hard it is to start a fitness program alone and unsure of where to start or what to do. I was there not to long ago. I can help you stop feeling frustrated, stop being unhappy, stop being unhealthy and slim and trim your waistline.

My mission is to help YOU make YOURSELF a priority in your life and to help you see how you can create a healthy lifestyle, slim the waistline and not feel restricted.

With my home boot camp workout program, you are going to have consistent accountability from me to help you reach your goals. This in turn will help you create the healthy lifestyle you’ve always wanted. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

What does the online boot-camp program include:

  • 6-week detailed workout plan with easy-to-follow video demonstrations
  • Detailed lists of eating strategies and foods to incorporate in your daily meals
  • Meal planning strategies, tips and recipes.
  • Accountability and support to keep you on track to accomplish your goal.
  • 2 private video conference with me to discuss your goals and your progress (1st call is initial consult call)
  • 1 group webinar focusing on one nutritional strategy to implement.


Here’s how it works:

  • 6 week commitment is necessary
  • You’ll be given a weekly workout plan with video demonstrations to follow that incorporates a variety of workouts to give you optimum results.
  • All exercises are appropriate for all fitness levels with modified options for beginners.

This fit body boot camp program is for you if you are ready to make YOU a priority, ready to change your habits, ready to make health & fitness a part of your lifestyle, ready to change your habits, and need some accountability to keep you on track.

I am looking to work with motivated individuals who are ready to make health & fitness a priority.

My Online Boot Camp training programs will be held monthly. 

If you have any questions about the program, please enter your email below and I will contact you to schedule a short 20 minute consultation.

So what’s holding you back from making your life a happy and healthy one?