Strength in Body & Mind

My Name is Leah Bahrencu and I will be your Camp Gladiator Primary Trainer!

I have been married to my husband for 6 years. We have almost 4  year old twins who are both unique and amazing in their own way and have been our biggest adventure thus far.

I have been a Partner Trainer with Camp Gladiator since April of 2018 but have been a CG Camper since October of 2017.

My love for health and fitness started at a young age by doing at home Jane Fonda & Kathy Smith videos with my mom (yes I just admited that). I was very athletic and active but then I left to college and it seemed like all my motivation and knowledge of health & fitness went out the door.  I decided to pursue a degree in Kinesiology to re-spark my passion for fitness & movement which defintely did. I started my own health & wellness company and consulted with clients as well as taught group exercise classes in gyms and businesses around my area. 

However my health took a huge turn after suffering from a traumatic birthing expeirence which nearly took my life. After being hosptialized for 6 motnhs and having to relearn to do walk, eat and do daily basic functions, I knew I needed something that would challenge me, encourage me and that I could tote my newborn twins to.  I decided to join Camp Gladiator and immediately knew this was the place for me, my trainer was encouraging and the other campers welcomed me with open arms. Fast forward 3 years, not only has CG given me back my health but it's given a new career that I love.

My goal is to help you in anyway I can,  whether it's accountability, encouragement or just a listening ear I am here for you. I feel incredibly privileged that I get to play a role in other peoples health journey and I can't wait to see your CG story unfold.